When the climate warms: Are you ready for a climate war?

By Kate BrubakerAUGUSTA, Maine — Environmental protection officials in Maine said Monday they would continue to enforce a moratorium on new coal mining in the state.The Maine Department of Environmental Protection says it will enforce a ban on new mining […]

‘We need to be very clear that there’s a climate problem, not just the emissions issue’

Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom has said she will seek to force businesses to reduce their emissions by 40 per cent by 2025.She will also introduce a “Climate Justice Fund” to encourage companies to pay a carbon price.The announcement comes as […]

Oil and gas boom: A snapshot of Canada’s oil boom

Oil and natural gas prices in the U.S. have been in free fall for months and Canada has been in a free fall.The country’s largest energy companies have been slashing jobs at a time when the rest of the economy […]

Which environmental protection courses are worth your money?

A few years ago, a group of students from my local university were given a tour of an abandoned industrial site in southern England.As the tour guide told them, “You’ll notice that there’s a big gap between the buildings where […]

IL Environmental Protection Jobs Report: The Facts

Posted October 11, 2018 06:18:10 Illinois Department of Environmental Protection (IDEP) reports that jobs in its environmental protection division (EPA) have grown by 7% in the past year.IDEP also reported that the number of EPA employees working in environmental protection […]

India’s environmental laws: An argument

By Ankit Chaturvedi,The Times of New Delhi, March 31, 2021The Indian government on Monday proposed a series of amendments to its environmental laws, aimed at improving the public’s trust in the environment.The proposed amendments include:A ban on new coal mines.The […]


Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) will deploy a pilot program to test new, environmentally safe biofuel in a pilot facility.The pilot will test new biofuel that can be produced from natural gas as a renewable fuel source, according to […]

Which countries have the highest CO2 emissions per capita?

icaO environmental protection and agro-ecology are key environmental protection areas for many developing countries.As countries build more sophisticated agroecological systems, however, they are also facing the challenge of managing CO2 levels in their communities.icaOs environmental protection goals are based on […]