How to protect yourself against climate change in Australia

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology predicts temperatures will rise up to 10C by 2100, putting the country on course for a record of about five degrees Celsius (9.6F).But a new study by the University of New South Wales suggests Australia […]

How to Find the Most Important Environmental Problem in Your Neighborhood

By now, most people have heard about the recent outbreak of the coronavirus and the dire state of the environment.But there’s one problem that you might not know about.While the virus is a problem, the planet is also a problem.According […]

Trump’s Environmental Protection Order Will Not Stop the Decline of America’s Forests

President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily banning entry of foreigners and refugees into the United States is not the first time the president has attempted to curb the country’s natural resources.But unlike some other presidents, Trump has yet to implement […]

How the state of Illinois is working to protect the environment

Illinois has signed an agreement with an environmental group that requires it to use plastic bottles that it claims are “environmentally safe”, according to the Associated Press.The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Illinois Department of Agriculture, which is […]

Which environmental groups have had the most influence on the Chinese government’s proposed rules on online platforms?

A year ago, environmental groups in China launched an ambitious campaign to persuade the government to adopt tougher regulations to combat the growing popularity of the social media platforms.They have since achieved more than they bargained for.In the wake of […]

Why Chile is fighting the climate crisis

CHILE, Chile (AP) The climate is changing, the weather is changing.But Chileans aren’t afraid.The climate crisis has been a recurring theme in the country for decades, but President Michelle Bachelet’s administration has been taking it seriously.And she’s using the threat […]

Which environmental protection units in Sweden are on the hook for the most greenhouse gas emissions?

The Stockholm Environmental Protection Unit (SEUP) has collected data from more than 60 different institutions, ranging from health departments to educational institutions, in order to answer a few simple questions: Which environmental units in Stockholm are on a hot seat […]

How to Fix the EPA’s Environmental Protection Agency

In recent weeks, several congressional committees have expressed concerns about the EPA and its Environmental Protection Management Agency (EPA), a watchdog agency that administers the federal regulatory framework that governs how federal agencies and contractors operate.They have asked questions about […]