EPA approves new rules for pesticide spraying in California

By MICHAEL DALTONWOOD, Associated Press Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy announced the agency’s final rule Tuesday aimed at regulating the use of pesticides in California’s agricultural region, where there have been reports of serious health problems in children.The rule […]

Which country is the most environmentally conscious?

Sweden is home to some of the world’s most pristine beaches, and its environmental record is unmatched in Europe.But this country also has the most carbon emissions per capita per capita in Europe and in the world.As a result, the […]

What’s on your radar?

What’s On Your Radar?– The National Geographic team explores what’s on the news, what’s trending, and what you need to know about local environmental protection programs and projects.article Why Do We Need Local Environmental Protection?– This infographic provides a quick […]

The 10 Best Moments From The World’s Most Memorable Movie (And Other Things)

Posted November 25, 2018 11:18:20The ten best moments from The World As We Know It, the latest installment in the Star Wars universe, are in.We’ve chosen 10 of the best moments in the film’s six-movie run to highlight here.It’s a […]

Environmental skin protection rollback: U.S. environmental protections fall, but environmental protection roll backs in other countries

Environmental protection rolls back as states roll back protections for the environment article The U.N. Environment Program (UNEP) said on Thursday that it has found that U.K. law allows for a number of environmental protections to be rolled back, including […]

Brazil’s environment ministry launches program to help clean up polluted lakes and rivers

BOLIVIA’S ENVIRONMENT MINISTRY ON Saturday launched a pilot program aimed at reducing pollution in the countrys waterways and rivers.The National Environment Agency (ENA) said it would begin the pilot program on Saturday, in partnership with the Brazilian Maritime Commission and […]

What is the Australian Environmental Protection Agency?

The Australian Environmental Health and Safety Agency is responsible for overseeing the implementation of Australian environmental health and safety laws and policies.The agency’s primary responsibilities are as follows: protecting the environment and promoting environmental protection

EPA’s environmental paint protection rule could cost jobs and communities

The EPA’s controversial air pollution rule could hurt the economy and kill jobs, according to a new study by the Center for American Progress.The study, “The Price of Clean Air: Air Pollution in the United States,” finds that “the cost […]

Why you should consider donating to Afghanistan’s Environmental Protection Agency

By Erin E. McKeownJuly 18, 2018 11:50:07Afghanistan’s environmental protection agency has been accused of using political pressure and corruption to limit environmental protection work and even prevent government employees from entering its buildings to speak out against corruption.In the first […]

When we go green, we can save lives and stop climate change

The government is finally getting serious about green energy.And with the election of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in May, they are starting to tackle some of the major problems of our times: climate change, water scarcity, the pollution of our […]