Utah’s water supply is at risk of being contaminated with chemicals

Utah’s clean water supplies could be at risk after the state announced plans to begin pumping chemicals into the state’s groundwater aquifers.The move comes after years of warnings that the state could face a public health crisis from the chemicals […]

A new report shows water pollution is a huge threat to our water supply

Water pollution is an issue affecting nearly 100 million people globally, but a new report has found that the issue is getting worse and could cause the global water supply to be in trouble.In the report, published by the Global […]

How to Find the Most Important Environmental Problem in Your Neighborhood

By now, most people have heard about the recent outbreak of the coronavirus and the dire state of the environment.But there’s one problem that you might not know about.While the virus is a problem, the planet is also a problem.According […]

What are the environmental and public health risks of mining cryptocurrencies?

utah regulatory authorities are currently in the process of issuing regulations and establishing the country’s regulatory environment for mining cryptocurrencies, the country is currently the only country in the world to be in the position of issuing mining regulations.This is […]