How to protect yourself from ‘dirty’ chemicals and protect your skin

Environmental Protection Agency officials say they are now investigating whether to require chemicals manufacturers to disclose their chemicals’ toxicity and carcinogenic properties to the public.Al Jazeera’s Peter Foster reports from New York.

How the state of Illinois is working to protect the environment

Illinois has signed an agreement with an environmental group that requires it to use plastic bottles that it claims are “environmentally safe”, according to the Associated Press.The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Illinois Department of Agriculture, which is […]

Which states protect more than their fair share of water?

A recent poll shows the vast majority of Americans don’t understand the role of water conservation and protect it fairly, according to a new report by the Environmental Protection Agency.The report, published Tuesday, comes as states are wrestling with how […]

When a company that uses mercury in its paint decides to take it off

A new environmental protection company is hoping to put a stop to the spread of mercury in paint.The new company, CleanCoats, says it has been “investigating” the potential for mercury contamination of paint in the U.S. since at least the […]