Why Chile is fighting the climate crisis

CHILE, Chile (AP) The climate is changing, the weather is changing.But Chileans aren’t afraid.The climate crisis has been a recurring theme in the country for decades, but President Michelle Bachelet’s administration has been taking it seriously.And she’s using the threat […]

Oil and gas boom: A snapshot of Canada’s oil boom

Oil and natural gas prices in the U.S. have been in free fall for months and Canada has been in a free fall.The country’s largest energy companies have been slashing jobs at a time when the rest of the economy […]

India’s environmental laws: An argument

By Ankit Chaturvedi,The Times of New Delhi, March 31, 2021The Indian government on Monday proposed a series of amendments to its environmental laws, aimed at improving the public’s trust in the environment.The proposed amendments include:A ban on new coal mines.The […]