Which environmental groups have had the most influence on the Chinese government’s proposed rules on online platforms?

A year ago, environmental groups in China launched an ambitious campaign to persuade the government to adopt tougher regulations to combat the growing popularity of the social media platforms.They have since achieved more than they bargained for.In the wake of […]


Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) will deploy a pilot program to test new, environmentally safe biofuel in a pilot facility.The pilot will test new biofuel that can be produced from natural gas as a renewable fuel source, according to […]

How to Protect Your Wildlife in Your Community

The Australian Government has announced new legislation that will help protect Australia’s wildlife by making sure we’re doing everything possible to keep them safe.The Environment Protection (Wildlife Protection) Amendment (Regulations and Prevention of Invasive Species) Bill 2016 will provide greater […]

How McDonalds environmental health workers deal with ‘noise and pollution’

McDonalds says it has been “proud to serve” its customers by complying with the government’s guidelines on noise and pollution.The company said in a statement on Wednesday it has “made significant progress” in reducing noise and other pollution and has […]