Israel: McDonalds will cut emissions by more than 40%

Israeli authorities are looking to cut emissions at the world’s biggest fast-food chain by 40% as part of efforts to save the environment.The company has already slashed its carbon footprint in half in recent years, but this week, the Ministry […]

Why Chile is fighting the climate crisis

CHILE, Chile (AP) The climate is changing, the weather is changing.But Chileans aren’t afraid.The climate crisis has been a recurring theme in the country for decades, but President Michelle Bachelet’s administration has been taking it seriously.And she’s using the threat […]

How to vote on environmental protection bill

The U.S. Senate has passed a $1.6 trillion environmental protection package that aims to strengthen environmental protections, a bipartisan group of lawmakers said.The Senate passed the bill Thursday night with just Republicans voting against it, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch […]