Inauguration Day 2017: Clean up and move on

Clean up, move on!

That was the message from Trump and his team as they left the White House for the final time.

But that didn’t stop the president from taking a cue from the environmental movement to make some changes to the federal government and the economy.

The president has already taken steps to roll back regulations and regulations are set to be rolled back in several areas, including in health care.

Trump has also taken steps that will lead to more and more businesses shutting down.

So, to recap, the president will soon have a very difficult job.

His first order of business is to repeal a key part of Obamacare and get rid of environmental protections.

The Environmental Protection Agency has been in place for nearly 50 years and it’s been a model for the country.

It protects the environment from the threats of climate change, the ozone layer, and other pollutants, and has an array of other goals.

But for Trump, the Trump Administration has put the EPA in a very bad place and has decided to roll it back.

The first major step to undoing the EPA is to pull the plug on the Clean Power Plan.

That’s a major step toward phasing out the use of coal in the United States.

Under the Clean Water Rule, which Trump will have the authority to make, states have been required to enforce certain rules about how much water they can pump out of the ground.

The Trump administration has also been threatening to rescind a number of Obama-era environmental protections, including the Endangered Species Act.

And that could mean a loss of federal funding for a variety of environmental projects.

The EPA also is facing a new round of legal challenges, including from states seeking to block Trump’s EPA action on climate change.

The Endangered Wildlife Act is under attack as well.

There is a lot of fear that this executive order will be used to kill the law, but the courts will have to decide whether to take the issue to the Supreme Court.

That could have a huge impact on the Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment of the Humanities.

And the President has threatened to pull federal funding from the American Red Cross if they don’t provide him with more funds to help states deal with the flood of refugees fleeing the violence in Syria.

The environmental agenda Trump is taking aim at will also lead to a loss in the fight against climate change because of the lack of funding for research.

The President has pledged to withdraw the United Nations from the Paris climate agreement, which was reached in 2015 and is a huge step toward curbing climate change emissions.

The new administration has promised to do this in its first 100 days, and so the U.S. will have a hard time keeping pace with the rest of the world, including China.

But it also is in a position to do so in the next few months.

Trump will also be under intense pressure from the left, especially the left-leaning environmental groups, to reduce regulations on the environment.

That means more coal mining and more coal power plants.

But even with these changes, Trump has to deal with a lot more regulations than he has in the past.

As the president prepares to leave office, he’ll have a lot to deal the biggest challenge of his presidency: the threat of a major recession.

And for a president who was elected to restore order, that will be an important task.