India: Government says its first ever water bill will cover 2.3 lakh families

The Indian government has announced its first water bill to cover 2,3 lakh households as part of its ambitious water reforms, the Indian Express reported on Sunday.

Under the new bill, the state government will provide 1.8 lakh hectares of land for households to install water meters, while it will also provide 1,2 lakh hectares for irrigation projects.

The new bill will be implemented in the coming weeks, with the state’s irrigation department having the final say on the amount.

According to a government statement, the new water bill “will cover two lakh families in rural areas of Maharashtra and three lakh families at large.

It will also cover about 6.5 lakh households with no water supply.

The bill will also give a subsidy of Rs 4,500 for each family in a village or town, Rs 5,500 to each family at large, Rs 8,000 to each household with two toilets and Rs 8.5,000 for each household without a toilet.”

The government is also expected to increase its water tariff from the current rate of Rs 2,400 to Rs 3,000.

“The state government has decided to increase the water tariff by Rs 2.5 for each village or township, Rs 3 for each community at large and Rs 4 for each rural household,” the statement said.

It added that the state is also working on a new system for irrigation.

According the statement, “In the coming months, the states water department will have the final decision on the allocation of water resources and will give final approval to the scheme in the spring.

We are also planning to provide a subsidy to each of our citizens who will install water meter on their property to be reimbursed by the state.”