How to stop the oil spill from being used as a weapon

At least six oil rigs have been sunk by an oil spill on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, prompting international condemnation and an emergency response by the international community.

The massive oil spill was reported on Monday by the US-based Oil Spill Watch, which estimates that up to 10,000 barrels of oil were spilled in a single day.

The oil spilled from the Bali-based Bakken oil field, and the company says it will continue to investigate the incident.

But it has said the cause of the disaster is under investigation.

The US- based NGO said the oil was released in the town of Ummungar, which is one of the largest oil-producing areas in Sulaweera, a large island of Indonesia.

The spill occurred in a remote area and is in violation of international agreements, including the Convention on the Law of the Sea, said Greenpeace Indonesia’s Deputy Director of Environmental Safety, Mark Naiman.

He said the Indonesian government has been asked to take measures to stop this type of activity.

Meanwhile, a major multinational oil and gas company is facing questions about whether it was aware of the spill and should have been prepared to help, after reports of a massive leak from a ship at sea.

Indonesia’s state-owned oil giant, PetroZac, said on Wednesday that it was not aware of a major oil spill in Sulawsi, and said it would investigate the situation.

PetroZac said on its Facebook page that it is investigating a leak of around 400,000 litres (4.8 million liters) of oil, which it is monitoring.

The incident occurred at about 10:30am local time (19:30 GMT) on Monday, when a vessel was found to be leaking oil, the company said.

It added that it has sent out a distress call to the local authorities to inform them about the incident and that the company would investigate.

It is not clear how much oil was spilled and how it got into the ship.

The tanker was carrying oil from a different area of the island, where it had been refilling.

Petropav is a joint venture between ExxonMobil and PetroZacs, the world’s second largest oil company.

The company said that it will also investigate the damage caused to the tanker and its crew.