How to make a ‘green’ home for your pet

A pet’s life can be a very lonely and stressful experience, and that’s why it’s important to have a home that’s environmentally friendly.

We’ve put together this list of pet friendly homes, so you can make a truly eco-friendly home for yourself or your pet.1.

Eco-friendly toilet2.

Cleaning materials for your home3.

Laundry facilities4.

Fertilizer and food5.

Air conditioning6.





Air conditioner11.

Window cover12.


Home improvement store14.

Home entertainment system15.

Free laundry service16.

Window cleaners17.

Window-cleaner service18.

Free home-furniture cleaning service19.

Free indoor and outdoor water heating service20.

Free food and water recycling21.

Free household air purification service22.

Free water heater service23.

Free window-screen cleaning24.

Free air conditioner service25.

Free pet waste disposal service26.

Free house cleaning service27.

Free tree removal service28.

Free solar energy service29.

Free car repair service30.

Free cat litter disposal service31.

Free outdoor dog cleaning service32.

Free dog food and litter removal service33.

Free composting service34.

Free garden composting machine35.

Free garbage disposal service36.

Free firewood collection service37.

Free roofing contractor38.

Free recycling service39.

Free bird feed collection service40.

Free free home cleaning service41.

Free animal litter removal services42.

Free snow removal service43.

Free trash collection service44.

Free public transit service45.

Free health services46.

Free childcare46.

Dog groomer47.

Pet food and grooming service48.

Pet health clinic49.

Free community service50.

Free fitness training50.

Dog walker51.

Animal control52.

Pet store53.

Free yoga classes54.

Free walker clinic55.

Free playground54.

Dog grooming classes56.

Free family fitness classes57.

Free library service58.

Free arts and crafts classes59.

Free school art and crafts class60.

Free book club61.

Free art exhibit62.

Free park admission61.

Community event61.

Family fun and entertainment61.

Art gallery62.

Community service63.

Free kids play63.

Public art installation64.

Free street fair64.

Dog park entrance64.

Fun and games65.

Public library service66.

Community garden65.

Kids playground65.

Bike rentals66.

Bike parking65.

Dog riding park entrance66.

Free neighborhood food and beverage event67.

Public entertainment65.

Free movie nights67.

Free coffee and tea service67.

Fun for all ages67.

Kids arts and craft activities67.

Bike rental program67.

Tree planting program68.

Free child care programs69.

Free sports event69.

Dog walking school69.

Public playground70.

Free beach volleyball game69.

FREE art exhibit70.

Public free art gallery70.

Outdoor play area71.

Fun park and garden activity71.

Free children’s play72.

Free music festivals72.

FREE playground activities72.

Family entertainment71.

Public park and playground program71.

Community bike rental program71 (for children and adults)72.

Children’s day care71.

Family music festival71.

Bike rides71.

Art exhibit72.

Public bike rental facility71.

Kidz arts and arts program72.

Community daycare program71, Public art and craft art program72 (for kids and adults).