What you need to know about the EPA’s methane regulations

EPA is cracking down on methane leaks, and there are some new rules for how companies can do it.

But one thing you may not know about these new rules is that methane emissions are a lot higher than EPA’s previous methane standards.

That’s according to an Axios analysis of new EPA methane rules and EPA data released Monday.

The EPA’s new rules will require more companies to report their methane emissions to the agency, and they will allow EPA to require companies to keep records for more than five years, instead of the current two years.

Under the new rules, companies must report their emissions to EPA on a monthly basis.

It’s also unclear how much longer that data will be kept.

EPA said the data is only kept for three years.

The new rules also require companies that leak methane to clean up their spills to report them to EPA, as well as for them to clean-up the gas they release into the atmosphere.

These requirements are similar to those used for methane leaks from oil and gas wells.

Under these new methane regulations, methane leaks can’t be hidden from the public or the public at large, unless it’s a serious emergency.

This is a big change from previous methane rules, which allowed leaks to be hidden if there was an emergency and the leak was a serious leak.