B.C. environmental group says $30 million from climate change program is not enough

A B.A. environmental advocacy group says a $30-million federal program to protect salmon populations from climate changes has not delivered on its promise.article The BC Wildlife Federation (BWF) says the Coastal Salmon Alliance’s $30,000 program for salmon habitat protection has not resulted in enough habitat protection for B.F.C.’s salmon populations.

The alliance’s executive director, Peter Kelleher, says the coalition has been working on this for a number of years and is still awaiting results from the program.

The Coastal Salmon Association says the program was a top priority in its first budget, and is also one of the biggest environmental successes in B.K.C., where the province has set aside $20 million for salmon protection since 2011.

The government is now seeking $25 million to help protect B.B.

C’s salmon population, which the alliance says has declined by over 90 per cent since 2006.

But Kellehers says the alliance is not pleased with the results.

He says the $30M is a fraction of the $150 million the province invested in salmon habitat.

Kellehers and the BWF say they will present the coalition’s findings to the minister of environmental quality and the minister for environment, with recommendations to the BC Government on how to make more money available.