The Environmental Protection Agency is finally banning pesticides from its workplace

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is calling on the EPA to ban pesticide use on federal agencies, which could result in the closure of some of the most critical offices in the country.

The agency announced Wednesday that it will start to phase out its use of pesticides, with some agencies already reporting that the ban will take effect in the coming months.

“If the Trump administration does not reverse course and reverse this dangerous and unnecessary policy, we will stop taking part in the dangerous, destructive, and unnecessary use of our precious resources,” said Matt Buell, EDF’s senior vice president of policy.

The ban was originally intended to take effect this summer, but that date is now set for March.

The EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety (OSC) was already in the process of removing more than 30 pesticides from use by September.

The Trump administration’s move to ban pesticides could result directly in the loss of hundreds of thousands of federal employees, according to the EDF.

The group is calling for a swift congressional investigation into the use of these chemicals on public lands and for the removal of all federal employees from federal service.