Toronto’s top environmental officials are calling on the province to consider imposing tougher fines on people who use “green” technologies

The Toronto Environment Department has issued a warning that “green technologies” are now considered a “threat” to Canada’s environmental protection.

In a letter to Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, the group of top environmental officers said that while “green technology” was not a threat to public health and safety, “the use of such technologies can have serious economic and social consequences.”

The letter also warned that the use of green technologies, including electric vehicles and solar power, is now considered “a threat to Canada” because of their “possible impact on the environment”.

“We believe that green technology is a threat and it is therefore critical that the Government consider whether to introduce fines to encourage businesses and individuals to adhere to a range of environmental protection measures and to limit the growth of green technology.”

The group of environment officials said that although it’s a good thing for Canada’s economy and environment that businesses are adopting more environmentally friendly technologies, they’re also concerned that the government should consider introducing tougher environmental regulation.

They also warned against companies using “green-tech” to avoid “environmental and health risks”.

The letter to McKenna comes a week after Toronto Mayor John Tory said he was considering issuing a “strong warning” against the use “Green” technology to avoid pollution.

The letter said it is “deeply concerned” about the rise of “green tech” as a “technology that is increasingly used to avoid detection and enforcement”.

“The use of “Green Technology” in the commercial marketplace is a serious threat to environmental protection and public health,” the letter said.

“We urge the Government to consider the impact of its regulations on the sustainability and economic viability of Canadian businesses and the economy as a whole.”

Green technology has been a threat in the United States for a number of years and is now a threat here in Canada.

“The Toronto Environmental Department’s letter was signed by Environment Canada’s Director of Environment and Climate Change, Scott Wray, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency’s deputy commissioner and the director of the Environment Canterbury Centre.