‘We are all animals’: Environmental Protection Agency sings environmental songs in Singapore

The Singapore Environmental Protection Authority (SEPA) is now singing songs to the city’s residents to encourage them to reduce their impact on the environment.

On Wednesday, the agency launched the Singapore Singularity Singularity Day, a day of music and storytelling to help people to focus on their personal well-being and focus on the environmental protection of the environment and its impacts.

Singapore’s environment commissioner, Toni Tan, said the day was designed to encourage Singaporeans to take more responsibility for the environment, which is often neglected by politicians and the public.

Singanese culture and the environment have been a focus of Singapore’s efforts to reduce emissions and fight climate change, Tan said.

“Our environment is very important for us as a nation.

People in Singapore are very conscious of the environmental issues that they are facing.

It is very difficult to make progress on these issues when people are so focused on their own personal well being,” Tan said at the launch.

The SEPA said the event would also help people understand how Singaporeans contribute to the country’s economy and environment.

“The environment has a huge impact on Singapore’s economy, environment and our citizens,” Tan added.

The Singapore Singularity Summit, a two-day conference for the country, is taking place on November 19-21 at the Singapore Convention Centre in the city.

It was first held in 2012 and has become a global platform for citizens to raise awareness of climate change and its effects.