Norwegian Government sets aside more money for environmental protection projects

Next Big Futures, March 3, 2019 The Norwegian government has set aside more than a million Norwegian kroner ($532,000) for environmental monitoring and prevention projects, in what is the country’s first national environmental protection fund.

The fund was created in July this year by the Norwegian Ministry of Environment and Nature.

It is intended to support the monitoring and reporting of natural hazards and environmental protection issues in Norway.

The Norwegian Government will be able to spend the funds on environmental monitoring projects, environmental protection and natural resources management, environmental health and social protection, natural resources, water and sanitation, and transportation and security.

The funds will also cover monitoring and protection for coastal waters and other natural resources.

In order to meet the needs of Norway’s population of over 40 million, the Norwegian government wants to create a number of environmental monitoring units in each of the countrys districts.

The monitoring units will be tasked with monitoring and protecting natural resources and coastal waters, the Environment Ministry said in a statement.

In addition to environmental protection monitoring and preventive measures, the fund will also help the government identify opportunities for environmental improvement, the Ministry said.