‘A lot of fish will be impacted’

Water pollution could be a problem in the WA coast due to the introduction of the ‘Sea-to-Ocean’ scheme, which will see a new system of fish farming being built on the east coast.

Key points:The Sea-to Ocean scheme will see 1.5 million tonnes of fish be planted on WA beaches by 2020The scheme will be rolled out over three yearsThe WA Government has committed $500 million towards the projectWA’s first fish farms will be built on WA’s coastThe plan is to provide fish farms for around 300,000 people by 2020, but WA Government Minister of State for Environment Andrew Barr says the scheme will not only help the WA economy, but also the environment.

Mr Barr said the government had committed $5 million towards its fish farming scheme and the scheme would begin with the first farm being built.

“This is a very significant and important initiative and it is something that has been designed for a very particular and specific region, the east of WA,” Mr Barr said.

“The first farm will be the first of what we expect to be a series of fish farms to be built around the WA coastline, and it will also provide a significant amount of fish for the WA aquaculture sector, which is in a very challenging position.”

A lot will be affected, but we’ve got a lot of water and we’re going to be planting that.

“Mr Barr’s comments come just weeks after the WA Government announced a new $500m fund to boost WA’s aquacultural sector.

The scheme is expected to boost the WA agricultural industry by about $250 million over three months.

The plan will see fish farms being built for around 150,000 residents of the state, as well as for a small group of fish farmers in the Kimberley.

The $500,000 fund is being allocated to provide support to the WA Aquaculture Industry Association and the WA Fish Farmers Association, who have been campaigning for more fish farms on the coast.

The Government has also committed to increasing the supply of fish in WA by 1.7 million tonnes by 2020.”

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We also have a number of other measures to ensure that we have the fish to meet demand.”

Topics:government-and-politics,environment,welfare,environmental-impact,environment-policy,woburn-3182,warwick-3121,waMore stories from Western Australia