Taiwan environmental protection law is ‘extremely dangerous’

The Taipei Environmental Protection Law, which was passed in March and comes into effect on May 4, has been widely condemned by environmentalists and environmental groups.The law states that a person can sue any government, company or organization if they […]

‘We are all animals’: Environmental Protection Agency sings environmental songs in Singapore

The Singapore Environmental Protection Authority (SEPA) is now singing songs to the city’s residents to encourage them to reduce their impact on the environment.On Wednesday, the agency launched the Singapore Singularity Singularity Day, a day of music and storytelling to […]

Spain’s anti-pollution laws are ‘inconceivable’

Spain’s controversial anti-protest laws that could see police arresting tens of thousands of demonstrators on the streets have been deemed “inconvenient and unrealistic” by the country’s top environmental protection official.Marina Gomes said it was “impossible” that Spain’s new laws could […]

How to watch the Senate confirmation hearing for Pruitt’s EPA nominee: a guide

Presented by ExxonMobil, the Senate is expected to approve a nominee for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday.The nominee will likely face intense scrutiny from the U of T’s faculty and staff, and from a Senate committee tasked with […]

Norwegian Government sets aside more money for environmental protection projects

Next Big Futures, March 3, 2019 The Norwegian government has set aside more than a million Norwegian kroner ($532,000) for environmental monitoring and prevention projects, in what is the country’s first national environmental protection fund.The fund was created in July […]

‘Environmental degradation’ in South America’s most polluted region

Environmental degradation has been a recurring theme in South American countries where corruption, environmental degradation, and other environmental problems have been growing in recent years.The environment is often seen as a source of social inequality, but corruption is also an […]

Which are the most vulnerable people to the impacts of climate change?

The impact of climate-related climate change is not only a national concern, but also a global concern.It is an issue that affects every nation, and every sector, from the smallest to the largest, in Australia.This is not just about the […]

Why you should download the app and stop buying things that will destroy the planet

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) latest climate change action plan could help curb the global temperature increase, but there’s no reason to get excited just yet.As the agency struggles to keep up with a rapidly changing planet, its proposed climate […]